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Royal Khan Interior

we provide authentic Afghani and PAKISTANI cuisine

At Royal Khan Restaurant, our cuisine is prepared with love, patience and expertise.  To provide you the perfect meal, that you will enjoy.

We are passionate about cooking authentic Afghani and Pakistani food in particularly Peshawari specialties.  You will find our food  colourful, aromatic and full of flavour. We have first class chefs with skills of cooking Grills & Karahis. Skills gained from the famous Shinwari in Karachi and Namak Mandi in Peshawar. If you have been to these places then come and recapture the taste and if you have not then come and taste what you have been missing!

Our chefs have the skills and they use the very best halal ingredients in creating each and every dish. So that they can deliver great flavours, every time. So bring your family, friends or work colleagues for a delicious meal in a delightful atmosphere, served by friendly staff.